GoSports Hook 21 Wall Mount Ring Swing Game - Play Indoors or Outdoors with Foldable Arm

CLASSIC RING SWING GAME - GoSports Hook 21 is a modern take on the classic ring swing game. Players swing the ring on the hook to score, and the first player to 21 wins!

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: GoSports
  • Material: Wood
  • Finish Type: Wooden Finish, Powder Coated
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
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The first recorded use of "dart" is in a 17th century English translation by Sir Thomas Browne, as an adjective meaning'sharp', and from there it has taken on its modern meaning (and sense). It's believed that this word comes to us through Old French or Latin words that have similar meanings, like 'piercer'. The word probably originated in ancient times when people used stones or spears made out of bone and wood to throw at other humans or animals.

How Did We Get Here Today?

The earliest records we have for dart throwing are during Medieval times - specifically in France where they were thrown with great accuracy, usually using stone tips. By the 18th Century it was common practice for young boys who couldn't afford guns, swords, etc., to be taught how to shoot them with sharpened wooden pins attached to a string which would be pulled back after being released into flight. They also learned hand signals so their friends could find them again if lost.

In England, some clubs still exist today called "Cricket Clubs", and they have been around since 1571, long before any kind of organized game was played. This particular club was known as "Ascot Cricket Club". In 1675, William Fitzwilliams, 2nd Baron Southampton took over running the cricket team for his estate at Ascot. He hired James Hinton to teach the players how to play a new sport he had invented. His name became synonymous with the sport until it was eventually standardized as what we know now as cricket! I'm sure you've heard the phrase "playing cricket," but did you ever wonder exactly what it meant? That came along later...

What Is Modern Dart Throwing Like?:

Today's darters don't actually aim very well, most can hit the board maybe once every 10 throws, and many do not even bother trying anymore because the games too difficult. There seems to be no end in sight for our hobby. People will try anything if given enough time. However, there are plenty of places online these days that offer good instruction for those interested in improving their skill level. You should always start with something simple, just learning your own body mechanics and form is a must.",